Amazon Keyword Tracker
Keyword monitoring - is the future for sales on Amazon. Monitoring search results dynamics will let you control the situation and stay up to date with the market tendencies.
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Product monitoring
In Amazenator you can add your own ASIN
and the ASIN of your competitors to monitor
the daily BSR fluctuations.
Keyword monitoring
You can add keywords for every ASIN of a product. Amazenator will check Amazon search results for these keywords and get the ranks of all product variations (Child ASINs).
Visualisation of search results ranking history
After several days, you will be able to see the charts of product ASIN ranking for every keyword as well
as by 3 or 5 best keywords, and compare them.
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Product research - unlimited
50 ASINs
1000 Keywords
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Product research - unlimited
500 ASINs
10000 Keywords
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